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SCU CPT Conway (Biography)
Dear personnel, 

We'd like to inform you of the promotion of Staff Sergeant Conway from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO for short) to the Security Department's division known as SCU.

This is a report of the events Captain Conway witnessed leading up to his promotion.

Me and a group of NATO operatives were set out to Iraq for evaluation of the events of [REDACTED]. The squad and I, Northgate, Jackson, and Denmark had crashed in a desert area with not much water left, we then looked for any signs of civilization or help. There was a storage facility with maybe two cabins the size of a common transport truck, we went inside the facility where there was a bunch of boxes of surplus food and water. The facility held an elevator which we went down in, the elevator then went down and we saw [REDACTED] we looked at one of the computers and it then told us about an organization called "SCP" on the desktop. We couldn't log into the computers so we then went down the hallways and there was a door leading to two elevators, we all went in the left elevator. 

We all were feeling drowsy once we got down there, it looked like a reception area with the same logo we saw on the computer but just in real-time. It was on a sign up above the next entrance, we passed out near the door and when we woke up we saw two doctors one with [REDACTED] and a [REDACTED] and the other one with a [REDACTED]. We were then intoxicated and they probably did tests on us, I have no damn clue. I was then woken up in a test tube with a mask on, I was solidified in a blue liquid, I was then released from the tube. The facility was dark and red lights glaring, I looked around and I saw multiple combative in black uniform and they looked at me. Two of them split up coming towards me, I ran for it into what looked like a control room that housed an electrical area, I was then caught and apprehended. They blindfolded me and they took me to an interrogation room, they asked me tons of questions like, "Who are you?" or, "What is that blue area on your arm?" the second one I wasn't too fond of. I answered truthfully to all of the questions they asked, the second one I didn't know and I asked the same question. I was then moved by some people in hazmat to then inject me with an unknown substance, that blue area started to pulsate and it went away. 

The three men I was with are currently MIA, [REDACTED] was a strange Site and that's probably why it is forbidden. People say that the Site holds multiple portals into different dimensions leading up to the countless breaches in it's security, and theories following this theory tell us that a man by the name of Radcliff was responsible for this. I was then promoted and given the role SCU CPT while NATO thinks I'm MIA, I was shown the ropes on how to become a combative of the Foundation and it goes on from there.


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