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[SCP-RP] Staff Requirements
Requirements to apply for the SCPRP Staff Team

-Must be a current and active member of Vanguard
-Must be at least 14 years of age
-Must have been apart of the community for at least a week
-No bans on your record in the past thirty (30) days, if a previous ban is deemed serious enough, you may be denied
-Must have a good standing amongst your fellow community members
-Must have not been denied from any staff team in the past thirty (30) days
-Must have not resigned from another Vanguard server within the past fourteen (14) days
-Must have a working microphone
-Must have a public Steam profile

Opening terms of becoming a staff member of Vanguard Servers

-You are a representative of Vanguard Servers and the SCP Roleplay Staff Team, you are expected to act as such
-May not "troll" or "minge" on other communities
-May not staff for other communities
-May not start or participate in any drama on any server
-May not order roleplay jobs without proper authority
-Must enforce the server rules set in place by the SCPRP Server Management, and Network Staff
-Must remain up-to-date on current server rules

Any further terms and guidelines;

Once your application is submitted you have agreed and confirmed that you will abide by all of the requirements and opening terms stated above. Failure to do so will result in removal or possible blacklisting from all Vanguard server staff teams. If your application meets all the stated requirements and is accepted, you will then be put through training and will be rewarded the position of Trial Moderator. This position is a probationary role, you will have one week to learn as much as you can about being staff on our server and make sure you know everything required to be a successful staff member. During this stage you are expected to be working hard, you'll be watched by other staff members to see whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the role of moderator. As stated previously once the week is over, the decision will be made by the staff team leader and or management.

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